Your Hairstyle Can Add 20 Years To Your Age - Jaw-Dropping Video Proves It

Photo: Getty Images

The way you choose to style your hair can affect how people see you. Based on how you wear your hair, others might find you attractive or unattractive, think you are clean or dirty, even decide if you are weird or not. The style also influences how old people think you are, and that is evident in a video on Instagram that highlights "The Hair Theory," a concept that suggests how important hairstyle is when it comes to what age you want people to think you are.

The clip is captioned, "Is your hair aging you?‼️ The hair theory suggests that how you style your hair can change the perception of you! Keeping up with hair trends can make you look years younger! You can look more youthful with a current hairstyle. Treating your wrinkles can make you look younger but so does your hairstyle!"

To illustrate the theory, photos of celebrities are shown with their current hairstyles and then with ones that age them more or make them look younger, and the results not only seem to prove the "Hair Theory," but they are jaw-dropping as well.

If this theory is true, perhaps those hoping to look younger can skip plastic surgery or Botox, and instead just go with a different hairstyle.

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