'Ticket Buying Expert' Shares The Best Ways To Score Concert Tickets

We can all agree getting a concert ticket isn't as easy as it used to be thanks to bots and resellers, but according to a panel of "ticket buying experts" there are ways to secure a really good ticket when your favorite artist is in town!

According to a new surveys, 53% of people have missed out on going to their dream festival or concert because they were stuck in an online queue so to help you avoid missing out on a show you really want to see, a ticket-buying expert is revealing her secrets of ticket-scoring success.

Music journalist Georgie Rogers says the military operation of grabbing tickets is the way to go. Here's her advice on how it works:

  • Team up with friends and family so you all try your luck.
  • Tablets tend to work best for quickly connecting to the Internet.
  • Research and practice getting tickets a few days before so you know how the website works and can prepare for what you need to select for you actual concert.
  • Log onto your ticket website about 10 minutes before the ticket sale starts. This way if tickets go on sale earlier you're already there and you can just hit refresh on your browser.
  • Hopeful attendees should know the layout of different venues by heart so they can know which seats to get.

You can read more from the ticket buying experts here!

Source: Study Finds

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