Wear a Fishing Vest to Avoid Baggage Fees At The Airport!

Get ready for your local sporting goods store to run out of fishing vests because TikTok has become obsessed with wearing fishing vests as a travel hack to avoid baggage fees at the airport!

Fishing vests are characteristically covered in large pockets, which people on TikTok are filming themselves stuffing to the brim with belongings that they can't fit in their carry-on or checked bags.

The even better part is that when you go through TSA you can just take the vest off and have it scanned instead of having to get everything out of your jacket or pockets so that you can get through security.

You can see some videos below showing off how to rock a fishing vest to the airport and while your mileage may vary based on what airport you fly out of, this might be a good hack to avoid having your checked bag be overweight or if you want a ton of souvenirs from your vacation!

Source: Insider

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