Video Shows Cruise Ship Lifeboat Detach, Fall Overboard

Cruise Ship Servicing at Navantia SA Shipyard

Photo: Bloomberg

A video shared online showed a lifeboat detach from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The clip, which was initially shared by @Salvage_and_wreck on Instagram, shows the Quantum of the Seas vessel's number 12 lifeboat, which is located on the ship's port side, fall overboard before slowly drifting in the water and settling as its bow struck the side of the cruise ship during an incident on December 1.

The lifeboat was successfully retrieved from the water and secured to its previous position aboard the cruise ship.

The rescue craft appeared to have visible large dents and cracks on its starboard aft corner, as well as to the fiberglass located underside.

"The lifeboat was retrieved with large dents and cracks on the starboard aft corner of the lifeboat, as well as damage to the fibreglass underside of the lifeboat," The @Salvage_and_wreck Instagram account wrote. "However, the rescue craft was able to be firmly secured in place aboard the cruise ship in its normal position.

No injuries or significant delays were reported in relation to the incident.

Quantum of the Seas finished its itinerary with a day at sea on Friday (December 2) before traveling to Port Villa, Vanuatu, over the weekend and later returning to Brisbane on Wednesday (December 7).

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