Bulldozed: Dozens of illegal motorcycles crushed in Brooklyn

With a wave of a checkered racing flag, New York City Mayor Eric Adams signaled to a waiting Department of Sanitation bulldozer driver to hit the ignition, release the brakes, step on the gas, and carry out a mission to make an example of dozens of street-illegal motorbikes by crushing them without mercy into scrap metal.

"This is a lot of drama," the mayor said before swinging the black-and-white flag back and forth at an NYPD auto pound in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn on Tuesday. 

The bulldozer then revved, spewed black exhaust, and proceeded to roll over nearly 100 unregistered dirt bikes, ATVs, and minibikes with the either satisfying or painful — depending on one's perspective — sound of crumpling metal.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the NYPD continues to seize illegal bikes in the name of public safety and order.

Source Fox5

Recycling of metal-based consumer products in a scrap yard.

Photo: Getty Images

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