Jana Kramer Says A Bot Sent The Topless Photo She Found On Husband's Phone

Jana Kramer Says A Bot Sent The Topless Photo She Found On Husband's Phone

Jana Kramer revealed that she believes the photo of a topless woman she found on her husband's phone was not sent from a real person.

The country singer and her husband, former NFL player Mike Caussin, openly discussed the incident on an episode of their podcast, Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin. In the episode, Kramer shared that she went through her husband's Apple Watch and discovered a topless photo of a woman, that had previously been deleted off his phone.


Caussin admitted that he deleted the photo right away when he received it and didn't tell Kramer about it because he was "terrified to do so." Adding, "It just sucks, As soon as we feel like we're hitting a good patch, my past behaviors and my past actions come back to haunt me. Because I know I didn't handle it in the way I had to, it made it even worse."

After discovering the photo, Kramer called and texted the number associated to try and get some answers. "I called the number and then I texted it and it was like, 'Sorry hun, can't talk on the phone. Do you want me to come over?' and I was just like, 'You texted my husband. I would love to know your correspondence. Please from one woman to another.'"

The texts got "really weird" which led her to think the number might possibly be fake. In a follow-up interview on Tuesday (October 8), People reports, she says she believes Caussin when he says he received the picture at random, "because I know it was not an actual person. It was a bot, but I still do not believe he was going to tell me about it."

She continued on to explain, "I totally get why he would delete it and not tell me. I get that thought process 100%. It's just that the toll that the trauma takes...I don't know how much I've got left of that to cry out anymore."

As for her husband, Caussin says he feels awful about the whole incident noting it as "the most difficult thing to date." He says, "Last night, I couldn't sleep because I'm tired of feeling like the bad guy and it is because of my shame."

The emotional episode of White Down With Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin can be heard from start to finish here.

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