THIS Is The Best Time To Move In With Your Significant Other

Portrait of a happy couple carrying brown cardboard boxes in their new home


Moving in with your partner is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. But how do you know if you’re ready to take the plunge? 

All relationships move at their own pace, but the decision to share an address shouldn’t just be based on how long you’ve been together. Here’s what couples therapists advise basing your cohabitation choice on.

  • When you’ve been together for at least one year - That way you’ll have had time to get through most of the daily struggles that could be challenges in the relationship, explains family psychologist Susan Bartell.
  • When you know each other really well - Knowing your partner’s quirks, how clean they are, how they deal with friends and family, and if you can live with these things can help you make an informed decision, according to psychologist Ben Michaelis.
  • When there aren’t outside factors swaying your decision - If your only motivation for shacking up is saving on two rents, you might want to wait until you’re ready to build a future together before moving in together. Marriage therapist Caroline Madden says, “One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is to move in for financial reasons.”
  • When you’re on the same page about your future - When you both have the same goals, values, and intentions for your relationship, that’s the best time to move in together, marriage and family therapist Marni Feuerman.
  • When you’re legitimately ready - You should decide to move in together when it makes you happy and not when it’s been long enough according to other people. Living together is a great way to decide if this is the right partner for you, explains couples therapist Charlotte Howard. You won’t really know how compatible you are until you’re sharing a living space.

Source: Women's Health

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