Note On Windshield Stops Cop From Writing Ticket

posted by Chris Carmichael - 

A mid-adult caucasian male police officer stands in front of a car, writing a ticket for a moving violation.

A Wausau, Wisconsin police officer was about to write a parking ticket for a car that illegal parked overnight, but after reading a note on the windshield, he changed his mind and let the owner off with just a warning.

"Pity Granted, Just A Warning" Parking Control Officer Jim Hellrood can appreciate people making safe choices, and a...

Posted by Wausau Police Department on Monday, June 12, 2017

The handwritten note said, "Please take pity on me. I walked home... Safe choices." The cop was impressed by the owner's decision to not drive drunk and even wrote on the warning, "Pity granted." 

The resident posted a photo of his note and the warning he got, and the Wausau police department shared it on Facebook. That driver not only got out of a $5 ticket, but he also helped spread the word about the importance of not driving under the influence. 

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