Man Says 'Alexa' Shared His Private Conversations!

Rob Signore reached out to 5 On Your Side after a recent story about the increase in so-called "connected homes."

"Our insurance agent called me and said, 'Hey, Rob, I think that Alexa was listening to something and sent me a message that, um, you probably didn't want me to hear,'" Signore said.

Signore has three Echoes in his home, and they control many functions in his house, from door locks to lights to garage doors and even the thermostat.

Messaging and phone calls are some of the newer features added to Alexa's repertoire, and they are supposed to work only between Echo owners in an individual's phone contacts.

Luckily, Signore says the 20-second message Alexa sent to his insurance agent was harmless.

The only way to disable Alexa's messaging feature is to call Amazon. A company spokeswoman told 5 On Your Side they haven't had any similar complaints.

"Alexa is only looking for the wake word and then, 'Alexa, send a message to,' and their name," Amazon spokeswoman Rachel Hass said.


Source: WRAL

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