Breakup Advice That Doesn’t Really Work


When you’re trying to mend your broken heart, people are quick to offer words of wisdom. And some breakup advice is lighthearted, like “to get over someone old, you have to get under someone new.” But some is just pointless. Maybe it’s just all your friends can think of saying when you haven’t left the house in two weeks and you’re polishing off your fifth pint of Ben and Jerry’s, but it doesn’t help.

Here’s the cheesy breakup advice that doesn’t work, but you’ll probably hear it anyway:

  • “Time heals” - But it doesn’t. Working on yourself is what heals. Being introspective and figuring out what went wrong and how to avoid the same pitfalls in the future will bring closure and happier, healthier relationships in the future. Crossing days off on a calendar isn’t a fix, thanks anyway.
  • “When one door closes, another opens” - Maybe at some point down the road a new relationship will happen, but it won’t appear just because the last one ended and you’re lonely.
  • “If you truly love someone, let them go” - This one just doesn’t make sense. If you love someone, don’t you want to hold onto them? Of course you do, so maybe don’t let them go.
  • “If it’s meant to be, it will be” - Things don’t just fall into our hands. Love takes two people making an effort and working on the relationship. And if you want to reconcile after a breakup, sometimes you have to stand outside with a boombox blaring to get your ex’s attention, not just wait to see what happens.
  • “It is what it is” - This phrase doesn’t leave room for introspection, which you need to heal and move on. Accountability is important and this doesn’t allow for any.

Source: Elite Daily

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