WATCH: Teenage Boy Receives Birthday Present From Late Father

A late father’s love for his young son is resonating around the world thanks to a viral video that captures a remarkable birthday surprise.

Two months after his father died unexpectedly, Johnny Crow’s older sister drove him to a music store for his 16th birthday where he was filmed being handed a sealed card signed by “dad.”

Johnny is an aspiring musician and he had been wanting a specific guitar for a while. According Johnny's sister who spoke with the Huffington Post, "He would joke with my dad about getting it in the future. He was a HUGE supporter of Johnny’s music dream and lived for his family. My dad would tell everyone that he knew Johnny was going to be famous one day and worked hard to get him there.”

Their father passed away unexpectedly on April 1st, but not before purchasing the guitar for Johnny's 16th birthday. Watch the incredibly sweet and heartwarming video below. (Just be sure to have your tissues ready.)

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