These Are The Ages You Are Happiest, Most Creative, And Most Confident

Laughing woman looking at manResearchers have been attempting to identify the most important times in a person's life for years now, including the ages you are happiest, most confident, and most creative. Well according to Bustle, "Reaching peak happiness, confidence and creativity is very illusive...There is no such thing as the perfect age, and though society tends to put a premium on youth, that doesn't mean your 20s are going to be your most successful or enjoyable decade."

Here are the happiest, most creative, most confident ages (according to science):

23 and 69: Peak Joy and Satisfaction

  • The authors posited that when you're young you have very high expectations for your overall satisfaction with life — you're ready to take the world by storm and make your mark. These expectations decrease alongside the challenges that come with age, working jobs, and raising a family, and overall satisfaction dips. Around age 50, researchers found that life satisfaction increased yet again, peaking at 69 (seems retirement does lead to happiness). 

25: Peak Creative Thinking

  • With the decade half over, you begin to feel the weight of age and career, like you're running out of time to do something great — but, in fact, 25 is one of the peak ages for your creative powers.

After 65: Most Confident and Secure About Looks

  • A 2014 Gallup poll of 80,000 adult Americans found that body confidence soared after the age of 65. That's right, seniors felt better about their appearance than 20 and 30-year-olds.

42 Through 48: Best Creative Work

  • Middle age may not be very high on the happiness and confidence scale, but luckily, that means you may be to busy producing some of your best creative work. 

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