People Are Ugly-Crying Over What This Dad Did For His Daughter's Last Day Of High School

This is 18-year-old Meg Sullivan and her dad Tom. Ever since she was a Kindergartener, Tom has been packing Meg's lunches for her, and the family made fun of him for always peeling Meg's oranges for her, but he just ignored them and kept peeling her oranges. Until she had her last day of school last week. 

Meg told Buzzfeed

When I got to school on my last day of high school, I pulled out my lunch and found two unpeeled oranges and a printout. I thought it was just going to be a letter saying 'Happy last day of school!' or something, so when I opened it I couldn't help but smile."

It was a wikiHow printout of how to peel an orange, along with a handwritten note that said "It's time baby girl." Naturally, the Internet loved it. 

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