10 Signs That You Are An Awesome Cook

I can cook a very basic meal and some of these may be true. But I'm certainly not a gourmet chef! Here's a list of qualities that mean you're a truly good cook.

  1. You cook things from scratch.
  2. You can whip something up using random stuff, even if you're low on groceries.
  3. You can cook multiple things at once, and get them all done at the same time.
  4. You know which herbs and spices go well together.
  5. You can finely chop things fast, but safely.
  6. You know how to poach an egg.
  7. You can guess the ingredients just by tasting something.
  8. You can cook a steak perfectly without cutting into it to see if it's done. 
  9. You experiment with different recipes and add your own twist.
  10. You can cook complicated meals WITHOUT following a recipe. 

There is a list of 50 qualities of a good chef here.

Photo courtesy of Port Of San Diego

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