Summer is on: Sangria, Rum, Vodka Popsicles

DISCLAIMER: Keep these popsicles AWAY from the kids. These are for ADULTS ONLY!

It's summer. You're sweating in places you didn't even know existed. You need to cool off. You can fix yourself a cold refreshing glass of something, but that ice will melt faster than you can say "holy hotness, Batman," and you're left with a watered down drink. How about whipping out one of these? 

On the lake, by the pool, backyard hang - your friends will think you're even MORE awesome when you whip out FrutaPops! Featured on The Today Show, FrutaPops can be ordered online. Pop 'em in the freezer and "chill."

Check out the variety: sangria, vodka, tequila and rum.

Please "Pop" responsibly. No driving and keep away from the kids.

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