A 'Golden Girls' Version of the Board Game Clue!

Right now, as we speak, some GENIUSES are working on a "Golden Girls" version of "CLUE" . . . where the mystery you have to solve is WHO ate the last piece of cheesecake, WHAT did they leave at the scene of the crime, and WHERE did it happen?

You can play as Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, Sophia, or two male characters. The men don't have faces, they're just silhouettes. But they look like Rose's boyfriend Miles and Dorothy's ex-husband Stan.

Maybe there are some likeness rights issues that have to be worked out. That being said, the pictures of Sophia do NOT look like ESTELLE GETTY. So that might be the case with her, too. Hopefully, that gets worked out before the game actually goes into production.

The items that the culprit can leave behind are hairspray, a robe, lipstick, a shoe, a wicker chair, and Sophia's wicker purse. The rooms include everyone's bedroom, the kitchen, and of course, the LANAI.

Click on the pic of the girls for the official site. All they'll say is that the game is "coming soon."

The Golden Girls Clue Game

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