Family dog finds missing cat under floor 2 months after fire (Video)

This Michigan family had their home destroyed in a fire about 2 months ago. They lost everything in the fire, including their cat Ringer, or so they thought... 

The family visited the wreckage this past Sunday, and brought their dog Chloe. Christine Marr said Chloe started acting strangely when they visited the wreckage. 

According to her Facebook post: 

"She was digging and scratching at the floor and sniffing found a hole in the floor within the wall. Heard a cat meowing so we got food to coax it out. And out came Ringer our cat that we thought perished in the fire. Very skinny but doing well. He has a feeding tube in his neck is going to be a slow process to reintroduce food but he is going to LIVE."

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