VIDEO: Passengers Stuck on Amtrak Train Call for Pizza Delivery

A travel delay is never fun, but being stuck when you're hungry?  That's even worse. Passengers on an Amtrak train from New York to D.C. were stalled in Delaware without access to food or drink  for more than three hours. So a bunch of passengers got together and  decided to order a pizza from Dom's Pizza in Newport. 

Delivery man Jim Leary  was greeted with applause a $32 tip after he brought the pie right to  the hungry travelers. The 46-year-old has delivered pizza for 17-years across 18 states but Leary says this is his strangest job yet. 

In order to get the pizza to the train,  Leary had to cut through a backyard, navigate a steep embankment and  jump over a water-filled ditch- all while balancing the two pies.

Source: Associated Press

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