Are These the 10 Best Frozen Pizzas?

Pizza is such a staple in America, especially frozen pizza, and everyone has there own opinions on what's best so it's ballsy for a writer for the website Uproxx to attempt to rank the top 10 frozen pizzas, based entirely on her opinions. Here's how she ranked them:

  1. Red Baron.
  2. DiGiorno's.
  3. Hot Pockets.
  4. Stouffer's French Bread.
  5. California Pizza Kitchen.
  6. Bagel Bites.
  7. Tombstone.
  8. Totino's Pizza Rolls.
  9. Amy's vegetarian, gluten free pizza.
  10. Trader Joe's. 

One... DiGiorno's is hands down the best... HOT POCKETS AREN'T FROZEN PIZZA, and Bagel Bites technically aren't either... and where's Jack's on the list?! What are your thoughts?


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