VIDEO: Woman Unknowingly Wears Engagement Ring Hidden In Necklace For A Year!

When Australian couple Terry and Anna  went on a trip to one of their bucket list destinations, she had no idea he was going to propose. She was even more surprised to discover she had been wearing her engagement ring hidden inside a necklace for a year and a half already.

Terry crafted the wooden, teardrop-shaped piece for Anna for their one year anniversary and she wore it every day. But she had no idea that he had hidden her engagement ring inside it. All that time went by and she had it around her neck  the whole time!

So when they went to Smoo Cave in Scotland, he asked for the necklace and he broke the seal with a knife  and got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Anna said yes, but also called him an idiot because she says she could’ve lost it. He says her reaction was a mix of “happy and angry.” But Terry definitely wins for keeping the whole thing a secret for 18 months!

Source: Daily Mail

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