The Weird Ways Worrying Affects You

posted by Chris Carmichael - 


You worry about every little thing and it seems you never stop.

Sometimes people get so used to their chronic worrying it becomes  part of them, but there’s a lot of damage it can do. Sometimes it shows  in weird ways. Here are odd ways worrying affects you.

  • Your shoulders are stiff. Being on guard all the time will do that.
  • Dizziness. When you worry, your breathing goes into overdrive and you basically hyper ventilate.
  • You can’t relax. When you always think about bad things, how can you?
  • Sleep is a challenge. Your mind rarely shuts down as a chronic worrier.
  • Your heart races all the time. Worriers tend to be in a constant “fight or flight” mode.

Now that you know, there are several ways to combat the worry. Seek  professional help, or use one of the many online resources available.

Source: Bustle


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