Fistfight Breaks Out On Southwest Flight (Video)

It has been a BAD few weeks for airlines and on planes. The most recent disaster? A fistfight broke out between two guys on a Southwest flight coming into California on Tuesday. 

In the video posted below, the two men can be seen fighting with one another before one is thrown into the seats in front of them. Then the man on the seats receives a series of punches before other passengers and flight attendants intervene.

Southwest gave a statement after the incident to CNN stating:

One man suffered minor injuries but could continue on to his destination. The other, a 37-year-old man from Lancaster, California, was detained at the gate, arrested for misdemeanor battery and booked into the Burbank City Jail, Burbank police said.

Southwest also praised how their employees handled the situation. 

Our employees are our everyday heroes and are trained to de-escalate conflict while delivering heartfelt hospitality on nearly 4,000 flights to nearly the half-million customers who fly Southwest every day.

No word on exactly what happened. The guy who took the video said that he heard a commotion and that two men began wrestling and throwing punches. “Everyone was de-planing then all heck broke loose."

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