Gluten-Free Airline Passenger Receives Banana and Utensils as Meal

For some, gluten free is a trend, but for Martin Pavelka, it's medical necessity. So when the London man was flying from Tokyo to  Sydney on All Nippon Airways, he ordered the gluten free breakfast option. 

While his fellow passengers were enjoying eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bread, and yogurt, he was given a banana and a package that contained a fork, knife, and salt and pepper packages. 

“This was a nine-hour flight," Pavelka explains of his $1500  trip. "Although definitely gluten-free, the banana did not keep me full for very long.”

He adds that fellow passengers chuckled as he complained to a flight attendant, who agreed it was a problem. Pavelka has complained to All Nippon Airways but hasn't heard anything yet. 

Source: Telegraph

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