WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Reveals Newborn Son at Home After Open Heart Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel got personal on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live when he spoke about his newborn son.

In case you missed it, Kimmel said that Billy started to turn purple about three hours after he was born. A nurse noticed and was able to get emergency care for the baby. They found out that he was born with a heart defect, and brought him to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for emergency heart surgery. 

Jimmy teared up as he spoke about the situation...

ONE MORE THING! As a result of his current situation, Jimmy is taking paternity leave for the rest of the week while his friends take over. Here’s how that will look:

Tonight: Host Will Arnett, with guests Maya Rudolph and Ben McKenzie and musical guest Incubus. 

Tomorrow: Host Anthony Anderson, with guest George Lopez and musical guest Future

Thursday: Host Kristen Bell, with guests Charlie Hunnam and Adam Scott and musical guest Alison Krauss

Friday: Host David Spade, with guest Guy Ritchie and musical guest alt-J 

Source: Variety

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