How Much Would You Have to Be Paid to Do These Five Crazy Things?

A new online poll listed a bunch of awful things you'd never want to do and asked how much you'd have to be PAID to go through with them.

The choices ranged from $100 all the way up to $1 million. Or you could say you'd never do them for ANY amount of money.  Here are the five best questions...

  1. How much would it take to never own a pet for the rest of your life?  Meaning you'd also have to give up your CURRENT pets.  The top answer was NEVER at 51%.  $1 million was next at 28%.  4% were animal HATERS who'd do it for $100.
  2. How much would it take to cut off all communication with your best friend FOREVER, and not be allowed to tell them why?  63% said they'd never do it.  24% would do it for $1 million.  6% would do it for $100,000.
  3. How much to eat a stranger's toenail clippings?  44% said they'd never do it, which seems high.  18% said $1 million.  13% said $5,000.  And 2% said a hundred bucks.
  4. How much to let your parents see your entire browser history?  44% said they'd never do it.  29% said $1 million.  A very brave and broke 7% would do it for $100.
  5. How much to give up texting for the rest of your life, and only be able to call people?  46% said $1 million.  33% said NO amount of money would be worth it.  11% said 100 grand would be enough. 


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