WATCH: Kim Kardashian Tearfully Tells Ellen How the Paris Robbery Changed Her

Kim Kardashian got emotional in her first interview since her scary Paris robbery last year.

On The Ellen Show, Kim said the incident has changed her and that "I don't care to show off the way that I used to."

She also revealed that the thieves had been tracking her for two years before breaking into her hotel room in October and stealing millions of  dollars worth of jewelry.

Kim broke down again when she talked about what was going through her head at the time. "I  said a prayer, like, 'I know I'm going to heaven. I hope my kids are OK,  and my husband...' But it does happen really fast. It was a good seven  or eight minutes of torture, but when I look back and I analyze it, I'm  like, 'OK, they weren't aggressive.' It could have been way worse, so I  don't want to sound like I'm not grateful. I'm out, I'm home, I'm safe,  I'm such a better person—it's OK."

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