United Will Now Give You $10,000 to Give Up Your Seat

Airplane Money


United Airlines just announced a major policy shift for when they want you to give up your seat on a flight: Instead of having goons beat you up and drag you off the plane, the new plan is to dump a giant pile of money in your lap.

United took out a full-page ad in the Washington Post to announce their new policies in the wake of that disastrous passenger dragging incident from a few weeks ago.  Here's what they're promising . . .

  • They'll offer up to $10,000 to people willing to volunteer to give up their seat on overbooked flights.  If you remember, on the flight where they dragged off that doctor, they'd only been offering a few hundred bucks.
  • If they permanently lose your bag, you'll get $1,500, no questions asked.
  • And once you're on a flight, you won't be required to give up your seat . . . and they won't bring in cops to remove you, quote, "except in matters of safety or security."

SOURCE: Huffington Post / Yahoo

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