This Woman Charges $900 a Month As a Dating Profile Ghostwriter

There’s no doubt in the world of online dating it’s important to have  a great profile and apparently some folks are so desperate to make it  perfect they are outsourcing the gig.

New York City matchmaker Meredith Golden charges $900 to be an online dating profile ghostwriter. Now you may think  that’s a steep price - and it is - but folks are paying for Golden to  craft their complete bio, select pictures and more. She notes, “I make  them look happy, like they have a full life — whether it’s a short  profile on Bumble or Hinge or a longer profile on Match.”

Golden also writes replies for her clients to send to potential  mates, and even sets up dates for them. Oh, and that $900 is just for  the first month. Golden, who only works with 12 clients max, will bill  $700 for a second month, and $500 for every month after that, which begs  the question, how good can she be if they need her for that long?

She explains that most of her clients are in their mid-to-late 30s,  whose schedules make it tough to date. “Most of my clients have these  enormously successful careers," she offers. "And they’ve got families."

Source: New York Post

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