NFL Player's Heart Saves MLB Legend (Video)

Konrad Reuland was a 29-year-old tight end in the NFL. On November 28, 2016, he suffered a brain aneurysm and underwent surgery the following day. Unfortunately, Konrad never woke up from surgery, and he died on December 12th at the UCLA Medical Center. Konrad was an organ donor, so before he passed, doctors collected his liver, kidneys and heart. 

Rod Carew is an MLB legend and Hall-of-Famer who played for the Minnesota Twins. Carew had a heart attack while at a golf course in September 2015. Doctors implanted a mechanical heart device, and put him on the transplant list. On December 16, 2016, Rod got his new heart. 

Now, Reuland's family has gotten together with Carew. The Reulands each took a stethoscope and listened to Konrad's heart in Carew's chest. Watch the touching and beautiful video below.



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