This Little Girl Wanted a Costco-Themed Birthday Party...That's Exactly What She Got

When Kimber Walker of North Carolina planned her 5th birthday party, she could have had a princess party like most girls her age. But she wanted something much less typical. She wanted a Costco-themed party.

The pre-schooler asked her parents to make their house look like the large warehouse store. Kimber's mom, Niki, says, "She is obsessed with Costco. We served hot dogs and pizza, set up sample stations, printed dollars with her face on them, had Costco pizza and Kirkland ice cream. We also had a little shop set up, and everyone designed their own ‘membership cards’."

Her birthday cake was designed to look like an "employee of the month" plaque. 

Kimber and her guests had a blast. Niki says, "They thought it was hilarious and quirky, which both describe my daughter. One of the little girls that came said that it was the best party that she had ever been to, including all of her own." 

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(Huffington Post)

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