McDonald's Pizza? 2 Locations Still Offer It!

Ah, the glorious golden arches, under which you can find treasures like the Big Mac, the McRib, arguably the best fries in America, and oh yeah, the McPizza.

Wait, what? McDonald's sells pizza?!

If you grew up in the '90s, this is old news — but what may be new news to you is that it's still available at two locations in the U.S., reports

The elusive dish first launched in Canada in the '80s, and quickly spread to the U.S. before being discontinued by the late '90s due to high prices and long wait times.

These days, you can get a McPizza — if you're up for a road trip. The pizza is available in Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia, thanks to McDonald's franchise owner Greg Mills who has somehow kept it alive after all these years (though reports that it's not the exact same recipe).

Source: TODAY

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