Twitter Unveils New 'Mute' Feature That Could Prevent Spoilers

It's happened to so many of us- We’re forced to wait a day to watch our favorite show only to have someone ruin it with a spoiler on Twitter.  Well, those days may now be over.

Twitter just launched a new mute feature, which allows users to block certain words, phrases and hashtags from their notifications tab, push  notifications, SMS, email notifications, Home timeline, and from replies to Tweets. What’s more, it also allows users to set a specific time  frame that will note how long they want such words and phrases purged.

There is one thing to watch out for. While the muting function will  block those words from your timeline, should you do any searches you’ll  still see those tweets.

You can still mute certain accounts, should they say be live-tweeting a show, so if you missed "Scandal" on Thursday night, you won't have to stay off Twitter until you watch it. HERE'S HOW

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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