Teen Billed $3,000 to Replace Guardrail That Killed Her

A grieving father is making sure no one else dies from faulty guardrails thanks to the poor judgment of Tennessee’s Department of Transportation.

Steven Eimers says he got a bill for almost three-thousand dollars months after his daughter, Hannah,  was killed. It was to replace the faulty guardrail involved in her death. He was outraged but now the state department of transportation says the bill was a processing mistake and has apologized.

That type of guardrail had actually been discontinued by the state  just a week before the crash, after tests raised concerns about the rail's effectiveness. In Hannah's case, the rail impaled the car, hitting her in the head and pushing her into the back seat.

Her father, now skeptical of the state's competency, is on a mission to have the remaining dangerous guardrails removed. There are two types  of unsafe guardrails. Currently, there are still 1,000 X-Lite and 21,094  E-T Plus terminals installed across Tennessee. TDOT said they only replace that kind of equipment if it is damaged, but Eimers is calling on the state to perform a risk-based assessment, similar to what other  states are doing.

Source: WTEN

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