STUDY: Cell Phones and Playgrounds Have More Germs Than a Toilet Seat!


You are definitely going to scrub your hands, phone, and cheek after this. Your smartphone has more germs than your toilet seat.

A microbiologist with the University of Arizona says cellphones carry ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats, because they never get cleaned. Dr. Charles Gerba says the same is true for TV remotes, which could have even more germs because they get shared.

Gerba also found another breeding ground for bacteria is reusable shopping bags, which are almost never cleaned. Luckily, it’s easy to  find out how to wash them. He also found that children's playground equipment is dirtier than both porta-potties and shopping cart handles.

This is all important because 80% of infections come from what we touch!

It’s time to clean these things…thoroughly:

  1. Kitchen sink. No it does not count that you wash dishes in there.
  2. Remotes and electronic devices.
  3. Shoes. There’s plenty of advice online for this. Check HERE.

Source: USA Today

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