Being “Zombied” is the New Confusing Dating Trend


Back in the old days of dating, which wasn’t actually all that long ago, there really was only one way to get dumped by someone you were  dating. But thanks to technology, social media, and dating apps, there are endless ways to be blown off, broken up with, or jilted.

Singles today have probably been ghosted, bread-crumbed, and/or benched.’ But one of the newest terms in the world of dating today is being  “zombied.” And it’s basically like being ghosted - where someone cuts  you out of their life out of the blue - except in this case, the ghoster comes back around weeks or months down the road. Like just when you’re finally not thinking of them all the time anymore.

So you’ll suddenly get a breezy text from your zombie, acting like  nothing happened and no time has passed since they ghosted you. Or it could come in the form of a Facebook friend request. No matter the  approach, the zombie just seems to appear out of nowhere.

So should we ignore the zombie when they try to reconnect? Dating coach Francesca Hogi says we should be less cynical and give them a chance instead. And if you’re the zombie, she suggests doing it “respectfully and like a grown up.”  

Source: Stylist

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