'Promposal' surprise goes viral after heartwarming reaction

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You may be one of the nearly one million people who has seen the video by now.

It shows Rachel, a senior, asking Tyler, a sophomore with an intellectual disability, to prom.

"I was happy he didn't reject me," said Rachel.

Tyler's reaction has captured the hearts of the internet by the hundreds of thousands, thanks to a video recorded by Abby Rodgers.

Rachel, Tyler, and Abby all go to school right here in the Shenandoah Valley at Stuarts Draft High School.

He's handling the fame pretty well.

"Oh my god. I love it," exclaimed Tyler.

"I thought Tyler would have a blast, because he loves to dance, and he just loves being the life of the party," said Rachel.

You can see just how excited he is to go to prom with Rachel.

"She's okay. I love her. I love Rachel," said Tyler

If you had any doubt, yes, Tyler is ready to go!

"I've got a suit, black shoes, I'm going to dance, go to the show, and go party," said Tyler.

"It is going to be a lot of fun. He loves to dance," laughed Rachel.

"You're so sweet! That is so sweet," added Tyler.

Plus, he can't wait to show off his best move!

"I like the 'shake your booty,'" said Tyler.

Once his 'shake your booty' dance move is done, don't worry, he has plenty more!

Prom is on April 8th.

Rachel will be wearing a green dress, and Tyler will have a tie to match.

You can watch the video posted by Humankind, a popular Facebook page that took it to viral lengths, below:

This promposal leaves a student so happy, he does a victory lap

This senior had a special surprise for a sophomore with special needs at her high school. #promposal http://bit.ly/2nDnU5g

Posted by Humankind on Friday, March 17, 2017

Source: WHSV


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