KitchenAid is Accused Of Sexism For Pink Appliance Line


These days hardly a day goes by when someone isn’t outraged over something they see as some sort of insult or slight. Well, the latest thing to spark outrage is kitchen mixers.

Folks are furious at KitchenAid over a range of pink appliances that are being marketed specifically towards women. An ad for the products features the tag line “KitchenAid for Women.” 

The pink appliances are part of a limited edition line to raise money for a UK breast cancer charity. Some have called the ad “patronizing,” while others have said they are “disappointed” in the company, while another added, "I sort of like how this implies that kitchen supplies are typically for men.”

KitchenAid defended themselves, noting, “This color edition to support @BreastCancerHaven in the UK. Pink as a symbol of hope. It raises awareness to find a cure!” They did however take down the ad and apologize for offending folks. A spokesperson for the company said, "Our intention was to highlight the Cook for the Cure program, which gives people with a passion for cooking a way to support a meaningful cause.”



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