Time-Lapse Video Shows Twin Toddlers Partying All Night After Parents Go to Sleep

posted by Chris Carmichael - 

Jonathan Balkin and his wife were wondering what their twin boys did after they went to bed. Well, thanks to a surveillance camera, they got their answer. Andrew and Ryan proceeded to climb out of their cribs and had a grand ole time running around the room, creating a stack of pillows and taking short breaks on the couch to catch their breath.

The adorable toddlers FINALLY exhausted themselves and climb back into their cribs for a few hours sleep.

Their antics took so long, Jonathan had to speed up the video to get it into this shorter clip...

Toddler Party

HILARIOUS! 2-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan apparently don't know the meaning of 'bedtime'. The youngsters were caught on camera escaping from their cribs! 😂😂 Read more about their shenanigans: bit.ly/2mVjbME Video courtesy: Proud parents Susana and Jonathan

Posted by FOX 46 Charlotte on Friday, March 17, 2017


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