WATCH: Mom Facebook Live’s School Bathroom's Filth

A mom’s meltdown over the conditions of a school bathroom are now viral.

Ashonti Dixon and her son had gone to his former school Lithonia Middle School in DeKalb County, Georgia, one afternoon last week to visit his former music teacher. While there they listened  to the chorus practice and Dixon got emotion.

She ducked into the bathroom to grab a tissue and found a mess. There were no tissues, no soap dispensers, no doors and toilets covered with  trash bags. To top it off, only one stall had toilet paper! 

That’s when Dixon hopped on Facebook Live and spoke up. It’s both hilarious and head shaking.

Needless to say, the school felt compelled to release a statement saying that the video was shot “before custodians cleaned it and before  it was restocked with soap and paper products.” The representative said all the stall doors throughout the school will be replaced over the next two weeks.

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