Mexican Chef Creates $25,000 Taco

A chef at a luxury resort has created a gourmet taco that costs $25,000. No joke.

The  taco is available at the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort in Baja, California. In order to purchase it you have to be staying in the Presidential Suite AND you must first put down a deposit of $12,500.

It all starts with a corn tortilla speckled with 24 carat gold flakes and filled with Kobe beef, shrimp, caviar, and black truffle Brie cheese. It’s then topped with a gourmet salsa and even more gold flakes.

If  you’re interested – and you have money to burn – you can also order a  bottle of Pasion Azteca tequila off the menu ... at a cost of a cool  $150,000. 


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