Pregnant Woman Gives Trophy To First Guy Who Gives Subway Seat To Her

People riding public transportation are encouraged to give up their seats for other commuters who may need them more, but they don’t always get the message. Yvonne Lin says a man never gave up his subway seat for her once during her two pregnancies - until recently.

Lin says while loads of other women let her have their seats, not a single man ever even offered to. So she did a little experiment. During the third trimester of her first pregnancy, she started carrying a small thank you card around with her - for the first man to offer his seat. And when it didn’t happen, she did it again for her second pregnancy, but this time she added a reward - a trophy!

"I was getting no seats from men,” Lin says. "So I thought, if I finally get a seat from a guy then I have to celebrate this some way and make sure he knows he’s appreciated."

She bought a trophy for the “#1 Decent Dude” who would give up his seat and she carried it around with her everywhere. Then finally, eight months into her second pregnancy, it happened. And she gave the guy his well-deserved trophy, much to his surprise. So there’s hope for the world because some people do still have common courtesy.

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