Bride and Groom Didn't Let Explosive Bus Stop Their Wedding

A bride and groom’s new life together got off to a bumpy start when their party bus exploded and was engulfed in flames on their way to the chapel.

The 26-year-old bride, Krissi Buhrow, said she knew something wasn't right during the trip because she could smell smoke. So, the bus driver pulled over and the wedding party quickly scrambled out of the vehicle. Just minutes after everyone was a safe distance away, it actually blew up – flames, smoke, explosions.

Showing an ability to look at the bright side of things, Krissi – along with her husband, Shane – were able to get some pretty unique photos with the wedding party as the firemen put out the flames in the background.

Of course, then there was the problem of getting to church on time.

The whole ordeal ended happily when the party bus company sent a replacement bus so the couple could get married and the friends and family along for the ride could continue their celebration in style. 

(Yahoo Style)

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