Most stores have released their Black Friday ads, and the website ran the numbers on them in a way that's pretty helpful if you're shopping this week.


They analyzed the ads from 22 major stores and websites, including 5,525 deals total . . . and found the average discount this Black Friday is 39.45%.


That means if you see something on sale for LESS than 40% off, it's not that great of a deal.  And if you see something for over 40% off on Black Friday, you're in a better zone.


They also found JCPenney has the biggest average discount, at 65%.  The other stores with the biggest Black Friday discounts are Macy's . . . Rite Aid . . . Meijer . . . and Sears.


Costco is offering the worst average discount, at 21%.  The other stores with the worst average Black Friday discounts are Big Lots, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. 

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