A major ruling was handed down yesterday over the name Washington Redskins.

The US Patent Office says the teams should lose it's patent rights for "Redskins" which the office calls "disparaging of Native Americans".

Owner Dan Snyder and Skins' team management wasted no time launching a fight against that ruling yesterday. 

The Patent office said the team should be stripped of its trademark protection...and that's where the real pressure could push a name change to happen.

Losing rights to the name could bring on a major financial loss to the team. Because it would mean that anybody could then make and sell Redskins merchandise, like my sweatshirt here... and never have to pay the team a dime.  The Redskins have a very big money maker when it comes to selling things with their name on it...it's worth about $150 Million to the team, and that would be a very painful loss. So there's the big pressure.

This isn't the first time the Redskins have gone through this.

Back in 1999, a similar case was brought against them, but in 2003 it was overturned on a technicality.

By the way this new ruling doesn't apply to the American Indian head logo the team uses.

A court fight will take years.