In 2010, in England, Gary Richmond was beaten into a coma and left for dead. 

When he finally woke up in the hospital, he had amnesia...couldn't remember a thing about his life...including his wife of 20 years! He had absolutely no idea who she was.

They had been a couple for 26 years.

And that attack was so bad that to this day, none of his memory has ever come back to him.

Not his home, his job. Not the birth of his daughter or his son.

But here's the cool part: even though his life before is a total blank, after spending time with his wife while he recuperated , he ended up falling in love with her all over again!

Next January they are going to get married again, so he can remember this one.

They're wedding will be in Greece, where they met.

Wanna see the happy couple? Click HERE to read more and see pictures after the beating.


Photo: He woke up from a coma and couldn't remember his wife of 20 years!

Then, he fell in love with her all over again: