(Yahoo!) - After news broke Tuesday afternoon of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's move to "Fox & Friends," it's no surprise that Wednesday's episode of "The View" began with her formal announcement.

Barbara Walters had her arm around her colleague as they walked misty-eyed onto the set and sat down at that famous table.

"Today is officially my last day at 'The View,'" Hasselbeck confirmed, choking back tears, before turning to her co-hosts.

She started with Whoopi Goldberg, telling the actress, "It is undeniable that you are one of the most talented artists on this planet … but you are even more loving than you are talented. You are walking unconditional love, and I have counted on that love numerous times."

She told Joy Behar, who previously announced she'll be leaving the show in August, that even though they've spent the last decade sparring over politics, she has "the utmost respect" for her and even went so far as to say, "I love you."

Though she was absent from set, Sherri Shepherd also got an "I love you" from Hasselbeck, who went on to call her "my sister in Christ and my friend for life." Sherri soon tweeted in reply, "Love you too my sister-in-Christ... My bridesmaid... My friend. Who's hand will I hold under the table? Who will pray with me? @ehasselbeck #love."

But perhaps the most emotional goodbye was to Barbara.


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